Lou Dobbs Poll: ‘Is Your Week Better Because Dimms and Globalists Are Having A Lousy Week?’


Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs featured a poll on his Thursday show asking his audience: “Is your week better because Dimms and Globalists are having a lousy week?”

The anchor flashed the poll, before adding “yes, we are just that petty.”

The poll comes in response to President Donald Trump’s announcement on Thursday that he intends to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord, a 2015 agreement signed by nearly 200 countries, geared towards limiting carbon emissions.

The decision to pull out of the agreement fulfilled a long-standing campaign promise of Trump’s, who vilified the accord in rallies and derided the concept of man-made climate change as a hoax.

In his speech announcing the decision, Trump reprised his populist campaign rhetoric, arguing he was “elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh” (coal country!), “not Paris” (renewable energy country?)

That seems to have thrilled Dobbs, known as a fierce (unhinged?) defender of  Trump’s nationalist-style, who praised the decision on his Thursday program, and featured the very petty poll.

It has been a frequent response to the announcement from Trump supporters, some of whom seem to care less about the substance of the decision, too busy reveling in the idea that it disappoints his opponents.

The withdrawal certainly did anger opponents of the president: the accord was one of President Barack Obama’s landmark achievements, supported by US allies in Europe, and the pride of Democrats and environmentalists.

The dynamic that helped drive the withdrawal — a politics by spite — was confirmed by White House officials: Axios reported that Trump was inspired to pull out in part due to liberal’s attachment to the issue of climate change. The Washington Post quoted one source as referring to European leaders’ frustration’s with the decision as “a secondary benefit” of pulling out.

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