‘You Are Sadly Mistaken’: Don Lemon Rips CNN Guest Who Won’t Blame Trump For Alleged Assault On Reporter


CNN’s Don Lemon clearly wasn’t open to any other explanations than blaming Donald Trump for Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte‘s attack on Ben Jacobs on Wednesday. Lemon lambasted guest Paris Dennard who pushed back against this explanation.

The CNN anchor turned to Dennard at the end of his program for his take on the Gianforte incident in Bozeman, Montana. The Republican guest started his answer by citing the movie “Election,” but Lemon interrupted him.

“You don’t think it’s because of a guy who’s in office now has said very horrible things about reporters, and has said that the reporters are the enemy of the American people?,” Lemon said.

Dennard tried to complete the answer and replied, “No, Don,” but the host continued his rant.

“That has nothing to do with anything — that people feel that they can get away with it? Because I don’t believe that you actually believe that. There’s no way you believe what you’re saying.” Lemon stated.

“Oh, he believes it, ” CNN pundit Ana Navarro replied with a laugh. Dennard clarified that he “actually…didn’t get a chance to say anything.”

The George W. Bush administration alumnus underlined that there is a “ground-swelling of people who are not being respectful; who are not acting civil; and people who are just saying things that are inappropriate.”

Lemon cut in again and made it clear that President Trump was to blame for Gianforte’s assault. Dennard countered that “we have had a lot of instances of violence with politicians and people going back and forth.”

The CNN anchor again interrupted, and the guest finally got to the crux of the matter: “Don, if you’re trying to make a connection or a correlation.”

Lemon shot back, “I’m not trying. I’m telling you I am. I’m not trying. I’m just saying, I can’t believe that you believe the words that are coming out of your mouth.” He tried to make a point about “most sane people,” but Dennard continued to push back.

The CNN host then doubled-down on his point: “I know that you don’t believe that. You’re obviously on television just saying that because you feel that you have to defend everything about this particular person in office.”

The Republican guest finally shouted, “What does Donald Trump have anything to do with what this candidate did? Let’s hold the candidate responsible.”

Lemon quoted Trump during campaign and added, “If you think that that doesn’t have anything to do with it, then you are sadly, sadly mistaken, my friend.”

Dennard retorted, “Call me sadly mistaken, but you’re wrong.” Lemon bluntly replied, “I just did. Thank you,” and ended the broadcast.

You can see the fiery exchange in the video above, via CNN.

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