‘You Can Suck My A**’: Chelsea Handler And Piers Morgan Trade Barbs Over Her TV Skills

After Piers Morgan jokingly insulted Chelsea Handler‘s interviewing skills on Chelsea Lately, Handler told him to suck on her behind, eliciting riotous laughter from the studio audience.

Handler noted that this month is the second anniversary of Morgan’s program on CNN, asking him if he’d realized the two of them had spent his first anniversary together as well.

“You interviewed me last year on my anniversary, which just proves one thing really,” Morgan said. “Well, it proves two things.”

“Let me guess: that you’re a better interviewer then I am,” Handler responded in characteristic sarcasm.

“That’s where I was going, yes,” Morgan jokingly suggested.

“I’m not pretending to be a great interviewer,” the E! host said. “I’m not even pretending to be good at my job.”

“Both things clearly apparent today,” the CNN host said with a chuckle. “But I can help you,” he quipped.

“You can suck my ass,” Handler shot back, sending the room into laughter.

After a brief pause for applause, Morgan joked: “Funny now, that was exactly what I was going to suggest.”

Watch the exchange below, via E! Entertainment:

[h/t NewsBusters]

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