‘You Can’t Just Talk Nonsense!’ CNN Guests Clash Over Police Shooting ‘Epidemic’

cnn hostin houckCNN analysts Sunny Hostin and Harry Houck threw down tonight over whether police shootings are an “epidemic” in the wake of video released of a Chicago officer shooting a black teenager.

Hostin said there needs to be a better discussion about these issues due to the big divide––including along racial lines––about police matters. She said this shouldn’t have to be a racial issue, it should be a human issue.

Earlier on in the night, Houck––a former NYPD detective––said he condemns the actions of the officer in the video, but after Hostin spoke, he said that this is not an “epidemic,” pointing to how there are “millions and millions of police interactions” that do not end in violence.

Hostin jumped in and argued with him on the stats on blacks being killed by officers.

They shouted over each other and John Berman jumped in to let Houck continue. Houck told Hostin, “You gotta let me talk here.”

Hostin shot back, “You can’t just talk nonsense on national television.” Houck said, “You do!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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