‘You Can’t Mute Life’: Outnumbered Guest Bashes Alt-Right ‘Snowflakes’ for Protesting Caesar Play

On Monday, the Outnumbered panel lambasted alt-right activists protesting the New York production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, which had its last performance Sunday night.

The production of Julius Caesar — which sparked controversy after reports it depicted the on-stage assassination of a character resembling President Donald Trump — has had a number of its showings interrupted by protestors, including Sunday night’s.

Protests of the production have been led by prominent members of the alt-right, including Pizzagate loon Jack Posobiec, who also made headlines after he brought a “Rape Melania” sign to an anti-Trump demonstration in an attempt to smear the protestors.

Posobiec has now taken his “citizen journalism” to Central Park, where he has filmed his interruptions of the play, shouting such gems as “you are all Goebbels” at a crowd of uncomfortable New York theatergoers.

The Outnumbered panel first showed Posobiec’s footage of Sunday night’s interruption, with Lisa Kennedy asking of the protestors: “are they snowflakes?”

Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt thought so, and delivered an extensive soliloquy on current threats to free speech.

“We are doing a very poor job as a civilization right now,” he said. “This is almost as disheartening to me, what’s happening there, what’s happening when people can’t give a lecture on college campuses.”

“There is no mute function on life,” Stirewalt added. “And the reality is, you’re going to things that you find offensive.”

“Our Supreme Court has just taken one of the strongest stands ever on the first amendment,” Stirewalt said, adding the Supreme Court is “desperately trying to affirm, hey people, in a free society you will be offended.”

“The government cannot infringe your speech, but you do not have a right not to be offended, so cut it out,” he concluded.

The Outnumbered panel continued to denounce affronts on free speech, while noting that the assassination of the president on a stage may not be in the best taste.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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