‘You Can’t Stop Progress’: Bill Maher Rips President Trump Over Coal Jobs ‘Fetish’

On Friday night, Bill Maher went after President Trump for what he calls his “fetish” of saving coal mining jobs.

The Real Time host began by telling his audience the “New Rule” of having them get their dads a shirt from the mall for Fathers Day. He then warned them that stores were “going extinct” and that they’re “taking millions of jobs with them.”

“Americans no longer shop til they drop,” he elaborated, “they click til they’re sick.”

He mentioned that within the past few years, JCPenney, RadioShack, and Payless Shoes had to close hundreds of stores, but all we hear from “President Man-Baby” is that “we have to put our miners back to work.”

“No, the jobs we’re losing aren’t in coal, they’re at Kohl’s,” he joked.

Maher made the point that whether you’re in retail or in coal mining or working at Blockbuster, “when someone comes along with a better idea, you get sh*t-canned.”

“Thousands of Americans used to work as lamp lighters… then Edison came along with his light bulb,” he continued. “Why didn’t President Grant do something to stop that? Because you can’t stop progress.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.


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