WaPo’s Costa Says Trump Uses ‘Fake News’ to Provoke Media: ‘You Can’t Take the Bait’


Through his presidential campaign into his taking up residence in the White House, there has been one constant with Donald Trump — his ongoing war with the media. Nary a day goes by without him taking pointed shots at media outlets and the press as a whole. Yesterday, for instance, he labeled ABC and NBC “fake news” over recently released polls.

Chris Matthews addressed this issue with a couple of reporters who have had a lot of personal experience dealing with Trump — MSNBC’s Katy Tur and the Washington Post‘s Robert Costa.

Tur said that Trump has a “problem with the facts more than he has a problem with the press” and said that it’s helpful to “laugh it off when he tries to go after you.”

Matthews then asked Costa his thoughts about the president using the term “fake news” all the time against the media, especially given Trump’s issues with making non-factual statements.

“Well, first off, you can’t take the bait,” Costa stated. “The statement of ‘fake news’ is a provocative statement by the president.”

The Post reporter continued, “He’s trying in a sense to bait the media to respond, to politicize the media. It’s the media’s job, in my view as a reporter, to have scrutiny of this administration, to report deeply on what’s happening, to investigate and to fact-check. He’s not always comfortable with that dynamic, to be sure.”

Both Tur and Costa would then go on to discuss Trump’s obsession with cable news and ratings.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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