‘You Didn’t Answer the Question’: Berman Presses Jeb to Choose Between Trump, Hillary

Jeb Bush appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 last night, where he elaborated on matters ranging from his policy positions to the rumors of breaking the RNC loyalty pledge if Donald Trump carries his lead to the national convention.

Trump and Bush have turned up the heat on each other since their sparring match at the GOP debate this week. John Berman grilled Bush to admit whether President Hillary Clinton would be a preferable outcome over Trump.

“I don’t think Hillary Clinton is going to be elected president of the United States, she’s not trust worthy. And his proposals aren’t much better,” Bush said.

Berman didn’t let Bush get away that easily though; he asked again who specifically would make the better president. To this, Bush chuckled and replied with “I’ve learned not to answer questions. That’s one of the things you do now in political discourse. You answer what you want to say.”

Berman tried once more to see whether he would ever admit it out loud, to which, Bush simply restated his usual criticisms that Trump lacks the competence to be president.

Watch above, via CNN.

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