‘You Got Caught’: Cuomo Grills Trump’s Campaign Chief for Refusing to Admit Plagiarism


Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort appeared on CNN’s New Day early Wednesday, where he was drilled by Chris Cuomo over why the Donald Trump campaign cannot own up to the controversy generated by Melania Trump‘s plagiarism of Michelle Obama.

Cuomo started things off by asking whether Manafort whether his team will acknowledge that, when put side-by-side, the similarities between a segment of the two speeches has an uncanny resemblance. Manafort said the plagiarism was “not meaningful” compared to Mrs. Trump’s feelings about America, but as he continued to applaud Trump’s success, Manafort and Cuomo continued to butt heads over why the issue was able to evolve into a full controversy.

“You’re distracting from the story line by refusing to acknowledge something that’s true,” Cuomo persisted. The anchor indicated that the campaign’s denial of facts is self-destructive to its goals to portray Hillary Clinton as an untrustworthy candidate, and to avoid dragged-out controversies that distract from Trump’s argument about why he’s better.

“When faced with something that you did wrong, you just deny it, no matter whether it is true or not. Whether it is the man who has a developmental disability who works for The New York Times, and Donald Trump mocks him and says ‘no, I didn’t.’ Whether it is a star that represents the Star of David, and you say ‘no, it is a sheriff’s star‘… There is a pattern of denying the obvious.”

Manafort and Cuomo continued to spar over whether the media is ignoring the bigger picture, as well as the inability for the discussion to move on because, as Cuomo said, “…you keep lying about it.”

“You’ve spent seven minutes talking about something that’s not relevant to anybody other than the American media,” Manafort said.

“The truth isn’t relevant to anybody but us?” Cuomo interjected, but Manafort rolled on to say he already has told the truth.

Watch above, via CNN.

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