‘You Just Called Me a Communist’: Fox News Guest Flabbergasted by Host’s Reaction to Her Inflation Comments


A guest on Fox News Monday was absolutely stunned by how the host reacted to her comments on the rising price of consumer goods.

President Joe Biden is set to address the nation Tuesday on the economy and inflation concerns.

Charles Payne, filling in for Neil Cavuto on Your World, started Monday’s segment by asking Democratic strategist Laura Fink, “Is it time for the administration to start worrying about inflation?”

“I think it’s been a concern for some time,” Fink responded. “We know that inflation is up, we also know that profit margins are up, with the biggest U.S. companies raking in the biggest profit margins since 2019.”

“So the Biden administration you will see focused on where there are those — the lack of competition in the marketplace. Things like meat processing,” she continued. “That’s why the prices of poultry and beef and pork are up. It’s because there’s a bottleneck and a lack of competition with those processors. So really addressing that and making the American public aware that often it’s the companies that are raking in that dollar and they’re making money significantly above and beyond.

“Is it pandemic profiteering? That’s the question the Biden administration will be asking corporate America and Americans.”

Payne moved on to another panelist by remarking, “It sounds like a speech that the communist leader of China just gave two months ago against corporations over there.”

“Excuse me?” Fink interjected.

Payne asked if the U.S. should “go to war with American businesses in this period” and blame them.

“Should we profiteer? Should we have competition?” Fink continued.

“I’m asking Nick,” Payne remarked.

“You just called me a communist! I thought I would defend myself,” Fink said.

“No, no,” Payne responded. “I’m just saying that the Chinese president — President Xi made the same exact comments just two months ago.”

“Charles, I think we agree that competition’s important,” Fink added as Payne moved on.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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