You Know Who’s Not Thrilled About the New Jobs Report? Fox News

A pretty decent jobs report was released this morning, with the U.S. economy adding almost 300,000 jobs in June, making for the longest streak of +200K jobs added since the 1990s tech boom.

You wouldn’t really know it if you watched Fox News, though. The network devoted a whopping twenty-seven seconds* to the news Thursday morning, some of which was spent displaying the “real” unemployment rate (the U6 number over the U3 number), lest anybody get carried away. Fox then segued into yesterday’s Quinnipiac poll showing a plurality of voters pining for Mitt Romney.

The website was no different. Fox stuck the news in a tiny link frame way to the side:

Compare with CNN’s somewhat more emphatic placement of the story:

* Mea culpa: this was the second report Fox News ran: the first contained much more detail and an acknowledgement of the positive aspects of the numbers, though all involved did try to rain as much as possible on then umbers; the longer segment is posted above the original below. The story remains sidelined on Fox’s website.

[Image via screengrab]

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