‘You Learned That in Law School, Ann!’ The View Co-Hosts Spar With Ann Coulter


Last month, administrators at UC Berkeley cancelled a planned speech by Ann Coulter. So, The View decided to have her on today instead. The segment started off friendly. The hosts were supportive of Coulter and said that she should have been allowed to speak. Joy Behar said, “We believe in free speech here.”

Whoopi Goldberg added, “Berkeley, you made a mistake, man. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. That’s the law.”

While they all agreed that Berkeley made the wrong move, that’s where the similarities ended. When talking about President Donald Trump‘s low approval ratings, Coulter defended him, saying, “I think polls, apparently, don’t work in the age of Trump,” adding that she still thinks of him as the “emperor god.”

Additionally, when the hosts asked about Trump lying, she said that he’s a “BS-er” rather than a liar, and that he’s “lied one time.”

During Coulter’s second segment, things got more tense. Sunny Hostin asked about his tax plan, noting that “It’s clear, when you try to read it, it could save corporations trillions of dollars, which would directly benefit the Trump family and Trump’s businesses. Does that at all bother you, and does it bother you we haven’t seen his tax papers?”

Coulter said she’s not at all bothered that the President won’t release his taxes, saying “I think he enjoys driving the press crazy,” and adding that she doesn’t think he has anything to hide.

Hostin pushed the subject again, asking “Does it bother you that his family and himself could stand to benefit? Isn’t that unconstitutional? Isn’t that the emoluments clause, plain and simple?” When Coulter started to say “no,” Hostin said, “You learned that in law school, Ann!”

Then, Goldberg jumped in, saying that lots of people aren’t clear on what he’s actually going to do, and that it’s not just the press, but the American people as well. Coulter said that “If anything, the people love him too much, and are not complaining when he doesn’t keep his promises.”

Goldberg said, “Maybe it’s all the people who he called rapists and murderers,” to which Coulter said, “But they’re not Americans!”

The two then fought as the segment ended. Watch the video above, via ABC.

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