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You’ll Never Guess What Fox News Names As the REAL Enemy in Brussels Attack

pcWithin hours of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium that killed at least 34 people and injured over 130 more Tuesday, there was only one news network that had the courage to name the real enemy that’s causing all of this death and misery. While there certainly is some blame to be handed around to ISIS and “Muslims,” only Fox News had the guts to speak the name of our real enemy. It’ s subtle, but see if you can figure it out:

That’ s right, only Fox News told its viewers the truth about the terrorist attacks, which were caused by efforts not to offend people, making Judith Martin history’ s greatest monster, I suppose. Over on MSNBC and CNN, the only mention of ” political correctness” or any permutation thereof was a clip of Donald Trump saying it.

In fact, “political correctness” is such a purely evil villain that Fox News mentioned it more times on its air Tuesday morning than they did their secret treehouse password “radical Islam,” ¬†which only came up nine times, and none of those was to say “radical Islam is literally killing us in this country.”

There’s only one word for a news network that won’t address the real roots of terrorism: unserious. To paraphrase¬†a wise slogan, you decide which is which.

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