comScore ‘You Want to Legalize Stealing’: Sean Hannity and Bill de Blasio Battle in Wild Debate Over Bernie Sanders

‘You Want to Legalize Stealing’: Sean Hannity and Bill de Blasio Battle in Wild Debate Over Bernie Sanders

Fox News host Sean Hannity and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio got into it over Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and whether or not the current mayor believes in “legalized stealing” over taking people’s income via an income tax.

“What is interesting about this, and the reason I am asking first, you are not supporting him. You are supporting Sanders. I will say this about Sanders…At least he believes this crap. I mean, he is sincere. [Mike Bloomberg, conversely] supported stop and frisk for 12 years. Seven years when you were mayor. And then he says, I’m running for president. African Americans may not like this and starts with the crocodile tears. You agree that that is phony,” Hannity stated.

de Blasio argued that Sanders is a straight shooter and speaks the truth.

“Working people get this about Bernie. It’s very important. You could disagree with him, but you don’t doubt that what he is saying is the truth. Most politicians bluntly, you have to wonder if you’re getting the real thing,” de Blasio floated.

“What about Venezuela? What about his praise of Venezuela, Cuba…? They killed millions in the former Soviet Union,” Hannity asked.

“Cold War,” de Blasio responded.

“Here’s the problem,” said Hannity. “[Sanders] is going to tax people by his own admission and make $29,000 or more. They’re going to get slapped with a 4% tax increase to pay for Medicare for all. ..Capital gains, he’s going to raise. He wants a wealth tax. The death tax, 77%. Okay, New York gets another, what, 10% and I think your city gets 3%. You tax people, they pay their taxes, then you take another bite of the apple with a wealth tax if you are dumb enough to save money. Then, when you die, you’ve got to give 90% of your wealth? Don’t you think that is legalized stealing?”

de Blasio replied that people “all think the wealthy are not paying their fair share in taxes. No one doubts that Bernie Sanders is going to make it more fair.”

The current New York City mayor would then not answer Hannity’s question on how much of every dollar a person “should everybody be allowed to keep.”

The segment concluded with the two going back and forth on who will win in November.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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