‘Your First Divorce Was Ugly’: Chuck Todd Questions Trump on Clinton Attacks

todd trumpChuck Todd questioned Donald Trump on Meet the Press today about his attacks on Bill Clinton, even bringing up Trump’s own past personal life.

Trump has been talking for weeks about the former president’s past sex scandals, including allegations of sexual assault. Trump played that card after Hillary Clinton accused him of harboring a “penchant for sexism.”

Trump had no problem admitting to Todd that he’s basically threatening Clinton, saying that he’s very troubled by all the allegations against her husband, including Juanita Broaddrick‘s charge that Bill Clinton raped her.

Todd noted how if Trump continues down this road, people will think it’s fair game to go after him. He said, “Your first divorce was ugly… All over the tabloids.”

Trump shrugged it off and said, “I wasn’t the President of the United States, and I wasn’t dealing in the Oval Office, all right? Big difference.”

On CBS this morning, Hillary Clinton responded to the attacks from Trump and others by saying American voters don’t want to relitigate the past.

Watch above, via NBC.

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