Your First Look at Fresh Off The Boat, the First Asian-American Sitcom in Forever

Normally, we don’t go into upfront news stuff, but we wanted to bring your attention to Fresh Off The Boat, one of ABC’s midseason replacements that this writer hopes gets turned into an All Seasons Smash. Why? It’s the first sitcom in nearly two decades that focuses on an Asian-American family, and it looks hilarious. (Even if you’re not Asian! This author polled three white people in the office and they thought it was funny! Nguyen focus groups are very reliable.)

Based on the memoir of chef Eddie Huang, Fresh Off The Boat is set in the 1990’s (as “I Saw the Sign”) quickly establishes), and focuses on an Asian family who moves to very Caucasian Orlando to run a cowboy-themed steakhouse. Somehow, culture shock, Biggie Smalls, and awkward ’90s rollerblading make their way into the series. (It’s a very natural progression, trust us.)

And, most importantly, it walks that fine line between sending up Asian-American culture and stereotyping it (which it was very close to doing at one point). Just see it for yourself, and appreciate the milestone in Asian-American media that this trailer contains.

[h/t Angry Asian Man]
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