Your Monday Politics Break: Duran Duran’s Comeback Tour Hits Good Morning America

It’s a gorgeous day in the last week of spring, after a weekend of relatively quiet politics where even Donald Trump managed to keep himself off of cable news (he did show up on the Golf Channel, but that’s still pretty good behavior for him). The network morning shows are also showing the desire to take it a bit easier and eschewing politics a bit– like, say, on Good Morning America today, where even George Stephanopoulos was grooving to Duran Duran.

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The band some people (for example, me) call the greatest band to have ever performed came to the United States to visit the GMA crowd and perform this morning, explaining the influences of their latest album All You Need is Now and how they ended up on tour again. That album became #1 in fifteen countries simultaneously, despite being three decades into their career, with two official singles so far. Lead singer Simon Le Bon explained that they were seeking to rekindle their classic 80s sound and that working with Mark Ronson, they felt at ease to do so.

The band performed several of their newer songs as well, including “Reach Up for the Sunrise” and “Girl Panic.” Watch their performance of “Reach Up for the Sunrise” and an interview below that):

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