‘You Can’t Shut Up!’: Matt Lewis Absolutely Unleashes on Fellow CNN Panelist Jay Sekulow

The Daily Beast‘s Matt Lewis hammered Jay Sekulow on Wednesday’s AC360 after the conservative pundit badgered him on air.

“You can’t shut up! You talk too much, Jay Sekulow!…You’re a partisan hack!” Lewis shouted on the CNN program.

Moments earlier, the CNN commentator had called out Sekulow for his attacks on former FBI Director James Comey.

“It does seem a little bit like he’s [Comey is] a showboat,” Lewis said. “I do think he’s an honorable person, though. And I think Jay Sekulow came here tonight with a mission to begin discrediting James Comey. I think this is a harbinger of things to come. I guess this is his strategy.”

The conservative guest immediately went on the offensive in reply to the CNN regular: “Matt, do you think it’s okay that James Comey is having discussions with the special counsel as to what his testimony is going could be? You think that’s okay? You think that’s a good thing?”

Lewis pushed back at Sekulow’s line of questioning: “Are you cross examining me?…You can’t handle the truth, Jay Sekulow!”

The Daily Beast writer quickly added, “Guess what? You’re not hosting this show!…I’m not going to answer your questions.” His “partisan hack” labeling of Sekulow followed seconds later.

You can watch the fiery exchange above, via CNN,

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