‘You’re All a Disgrace!’: Activist in Santa Suit Berates Black Friday Shoppers with Megaphone

Late Thursday evening, an activist donned a Santa Claus outfit and “shamed” the Thanksgiving shoppers who lined up outside various retail stores in anticipation of so-called “Black Friday” sales.

“Thank you for not spending time with grandma and grandpa and leaving them and destroying the very fabric of society for buying more slave goods,” the activist, identified as Christian conspiracy theorist Mark Dice, shouted at Kohl’s shoppers.

“Thank you for ruining the tradition of Thanksgiving,” he shouted at another crowd. “You’re parasites on this country!”

As he drove along the lines and berates retail shoppers, most reacted with bewilderment; others jeered and cheered in return to Dice’s chiding.

Dice also berated shoppers for likely not accruing any savings, instead building up debt “with credit cards to impress people that you don’t even like with money you don’t have.”

“Ho, ho, ho! You’re a disgrace to Christmas,” he shouted at a group of Target shoppers. “You’re teaching your children such great family values: Let’s not have the family together for dinner, let’s have everybody out to buy a bigger television and more iPads so that they don’t talk to each other. Thank you, enemies of America! Thank you, parasites on this country!”

At another point, Dice called shoppers “mentally-enslaved morons,” echoing the verbiage of his friend and fellow conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Watch below, via YouTube:

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