‘You’re An Unbalanced Person’: Tucker Carlson Takes on Dem Strategist Who Tweeted #HuntRepublicans

On Monday night, Tucker Carlson had a heated exchange with James Devine, the Democratic strategist who tweeted out the hashtag #HuntRepublicans in the wake of the GOP shooting that occurred last week.

The Fox News host kicked off the interview by asking Devine when is it “morally acceptable to use violence for political ends.” Devine responded by saying it’s “never acceptable… except in the most extreme cases” and cited George Washington and “those guys.”

Devine then invoked Carlson’s gig on CNN’s Crossfire and added he wasn’t sure what the “body count was.”

“Oh, stop that!” Carlson reacted. “I want a reasonable conversation.”

Devine then proceeded to hold up a years-old flyer that read “Liberal Hunting Permit” to justify his tweet.

“Your excuse apparently is that ‘other people have done it.'” Carlson responded. “That’s not an excuse. I’m hear to ask you about something you wrote and why don’t you explain it?”

The Democratic strategist then tried to drag Sarah Palin under the bus by saying she put Congressional Democrats “in the crosshairs.”

“Sarah Palin didn’t do that, a group affiliated with her did,” Carlson rebuked, “and there’s a difference between a metaphor and actually suggesting affirmatively to go hunt Republicans after Republicans have been shot!”

Devine said that “after year after year” of Republicans using such rhetoric, Democrats have to “fight fire with fire.”

Carlson then asked him that if someone who tweets #HuntRepublicans should be able to pass a background check for a gun, but Devine dismissed the severity of his tweets.

“You’re an unbalanced person,” Carlson concluded.

Watch the full interview above, via Fox News.

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