‘You’re Making Women Less Safe!’ Hannity Panel Lights Up over Spring Break

Tonight Sean Hannity returned to one of his old favorites: looking at the decadence and bacchanal of spring break. And the panel he put together tonight on the subject really went off on the differences between sending your sons and daughters down there.

Gavin McInnes has argued in the past that it’s less horrible to send your sons to spring break than your daughters because it’s more dangerous for young women. The last time he said it, he got hammered by the women surrounding him for it. And tonight was no different.

Chloe Melas and Ainsley Earhardt both told McInnes he’s being ridiculous as McInnes blames “liberals’ cognitive dissonance” for the problem. He said “you’re a terrible parent” if you let your daughter go, but a slightly less terrible one if you let your son go.

He told the women that by talking about “boys will be boys,” “you’re making women less safe!” McInnes said the best thing parents can do to their daughters to discourage them from going is saying, “You’re weak! You’re vulnerable! You’re not a superhero!”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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