‘You’re Not Answering the Question’: MSNBC Host Grills Muslim Trump Voter Over Hate Crimes

moyheldin-nomanieditedIn an at times heated and tense conversation this afternoon on MSNBC, host Ayman Mohyeldin continually grilled writer Asra Nomani over her support of President-elect Donald Trump and the hate crimes against Muslims that spiked in 2015.

Nomani, a self-described liberal Muslim woman who gained attention recently over her op-ed where she admitted she voted for Trump, battled with Mohyeldin over questions about Trump’s recent administration picks and the description of Muslims being targets of violence. She pushed back on any fears that there might be internment camps for Muslims, claiming that is over the top rhetoric from the left.

Mohyeldin pivoted to hate crimes against Muslims, noting that the FBI reported that they saw an increase of 67% in Muslims being targeted.

After Nomani stated that Muslims need to acknowledge that people fear them due to extremism, the MSNBC host shot back, asking her if she think Muslims are to blame for the hate crimes against them.

Following her comments where she said she blames Muslim organizations, foreign governments and even the Clinton Foundation and that she chooses to challenge extremism, Mohyeldin challenged her again.

“I’m sorry, with all due respect, you’re not answering the question,” he said. When she complained about the questions being biased, he once again accused her of not answering his questions.

Nomani ended the interview by speaking about liberal hypocrisy.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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