‘You’re Peddling Pablum and BS!’: Lou Dobbs Erupts on WH Adviser Navarro Over Report on U.S. Approach to China

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs went off on White House adviser Peter Navarro over a report this week laying out the U.S. strategic response to China.

The interview started out with Dobbs complimenting Navarro on his recent appearance on ABC’s This Week before remarking, “We have seen, it appears, the White House pull back a bit. There’s no longer a reference to Wuhan viruses or China viruses even though that’s the place where it originated by this president who, by the way, talked about that for months as the China virus. Is this a pivot here that I’ve missed?”

Navarro insisted that there’s “no pivot at all” and said, “The best way to beat the Chinese communist party is to beat them at their own game in the sense of let’s make it here.”

When Navarro took issue with some comments Dobbs made about the report Dobbs got a little heated and remarked, “You’re managing to take a compliment badly. So if you want to go there, let’s start with your strategic response to our utter dependency on China for pharmaceuticals, for pharmaceutical intermediates, for medical equipment. Do you want to keep going?”

“I don’t want to hear what you’re doing,” Dobbs said. “I want to hear what you’ve done.”

“I’m telling you what we’ve done,” Navarro said. “We got a major initiative on rare earths with the Department of Defense as we speak, we’re developing mines that haven’t been used for years.”

Navarro continued but Dobbs jumped in to say, “I’m not a guy, as you know, that puts up with B.S., when will we see the deficit with China in rare earths eliminated? When will we be no longer dependent on China? Give me a date and a rate.”

“It’s going to be a while,” Navarro said. “Come on, Lou.”

“No, you come on!” Dobbs retorted. “You come on this broadcast to start talking nonsense. I just complimented you for doing the right thing. You’re peddling pablum and BS, and I don’t think I like it! And I don’t think the American people like it!”

Navarro defended the Trump administration’s strategy and remarked, “I don’t know why you’re mad.”

“You said you’re taking issue with me calling that national security strategy a bunch of crap!” Dobbs shot back.

You can watch the full segment above, via Fox Business Network.

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