‘You’re Proving My Point’: Jake Tapper Grills Israeli Minister Over UN Resolution on Settlements


Following a historic speech by Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the need for a two-state solution in Israel and stating that the US can’t stand by and do nothing while Israel continues to build settlements, CNN anchor Jake Tapper spoke with Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett.

During the conversation, Tapper pressed Bennett on the accusations lobbed by Israel that the Obama Administration was behind the UN Security Council’s resolution on Israeli settlements, claiming they had “ironclad information.” The CNN host wanted to know why they wouldn’t share this information publicly, especially since the administration denies it. (Kerry did admit in his speech that the US did coordinate with the Security Council over what it would support in a resolution.)

Bennett merely said it was a “premeditated plan” before moving on to talk about how he has fought terrorism for over 20 years. The discussion then turned to the definition of settlements, with Bennett saying “one cannot occupy his home” and Tapper asking him if he disputed the idea that Israel is building settlements.

“We’ve been here for thousands of years,” the minister said. “We’re staying here. We’re going to live side-by-side in peace, with the Arabs here.”

“You’re proving my point,” Tapper responded. “Because you’re even disputing the idea it’s occupied territory or settlements, which the entire international community with the exception of the Netanyahu government thinks it is.”

Bennett went on to bring up that Americans have only been living in America for a few hundred years while Jews have been in the Holy Land for thousands.

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

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