‘You’re So Goddamn Dumb’: Fox’s Charlie Gasparino Shouts Down Colleague over MH17

Ah, what would cable news be without incoherent shout-fests and name-calling?

As the wreckage from downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was still smoldering in Eastern Ukraine, and details were scant, FBN’s Charlie Gasparino insisted that Russian President Vladimir Putin was entirely to blame for the tragedy. And when a co-panelist challenged that assumption, how’d the FBN financial reporter respond?

By calling his colleague “goddamn dumb.”

Throughout the FBN segment on MH17, Wall Street Journal reporter Simon Constable cautioned that since we do not yet know anything about who took down the plane, we shouldn’t rush to make strong statements about a course of action.

“It doesn’t matter,” Gasparino kept charging, telling Constable that regardless of who fired the missile (if that’s even the case — we still don’t yet know for sure), the blame lies squarely with Putin for having started the ongoing Ukrainian conflict in the first place.

“You’re wrong, Charlie,” Constable shouted back. “For once you’re wrong.”

Here’s how the rest of the segment played out: Gasparino continued insisting he knows this was the fault of Putin, Constable kept reminding him that he truly does not know who shot the missile. “You really can’t be this dumb,” the FBN reporter fired back, sending the segment further into chaos.

Eventually, Gasparino outright told Constable: “You’re so goddamn dumb. I can’t believe I’m hearing this. I’m sorry, but think about it: You have one of the most aggressive nations on earth invading another country and we’re supposed to say that it’s maybe someone else’s fault he has his troops in there?”

Once again, Constable insisted, we simply do not know who shot down the plane, and, therefore, agitating for any form of American military or economic response against Russia would be imprudent at the moment.

To his credit, the WSJ reporter remained remarkably level-headed throughout Gasparino’s embarrassing theatrics.

(BTW: Gasparino’s temper got him in hot water late last week when he got into a shouting match with Sun Valley security over press access to a private event.)

Watch below, via FBN:

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