‘You’re the One Dressed Up as a Raccoon’: Watters Grills Furry in Surreal Interview


Fox News host Jesse Watters interviewed a furry on Monday about the ongoing feud between the furry fandom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and grilled him over a video of another furry being spanked.

“What are furries? They’re a group of people who dress up in costume and pretend to be animals,” said Watters on his show Jesse Watters Primetime. “I guess this is just good, clean fun — different strokes for different folks and all — but there’s also a sexual undercurrent at the events.”

Watters then played a video of a furry in costume being spanked with a paddle.

“So now, thanks to DeSantis’ new law, kids are not allowed to go to an upcoming furry convention in Florida, and the furries are furious,” Watters said, before introducing 32-year-old furry David Kanaszka, who appeared on the show in his raccoon costume.

After Watters asked, “Why do you want kids around people dressed up as squirrels being spanked?” Kanaszka responded, “Uh, me personally, I don’t. I think that it’s definitely an adult-only environment for that. The furry conventions themselves don’t have anything to do with that, though.”

“So why are you upset that kids are not allowed to be at the furry convention?” Watters questioned.

Kanaszka replied:

I think that it is a great way to include everyone, no matter what their age. There’s nothing inherently sexual about these conventions. You have panels that teach you how to create costumes or dance or you know we have variety shows and all kinds of stuff. But it’s not sexual. It has nothing to do with that.

“Ok. You say it’s not sexual. That’s fine. We have video that proves otherwise,” Watters argued. “But if, like the governor said, you can’t have kids at the convention, why wouldn’t you just say, ‘Ok, too bad, move on’? Why are you and your crew so insistent on having the kids there?”

After Kanaszka said that furries were “misunderstood as a group” and that it was “very easy to vilify us,” Watters laughed and replied, “Do you blame yourself at all for being misunderstood? I mean you’re the one dressed up as a raccoon.”

A furry convention in Florida decided to exclude furries under the age of 18 last week after DeSantis signed a bill that bans “knowingly admitting a child to an adult live performance” which “in whole or in part, depicts or simulates nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or specific sexual activities.”

The convention’s decision prompted many furries to lash out at DeSantis on social media.

Watch above via Fox News.

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