‘You’re Wrong About the Science!’ Chris Cuomo and Matt Schlapp Get Heated on Abortion


CNN’s Chris Cuomo had a lengthy tangle with Ana Navarro and Matt Schlapp on New Day Tuesday morning, with the conversation veering wildly off-course from the credibility of the president to the science behind abortion.

The segment kicked off with CNN’s recent poll, showing that a large majority of Americans do not trust information they receive from the White House.

Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, admitted that President Donald Trump has to “steady the ship” on White House messaging, but also blamed “false stories” on the administration’s agenda for dampening public perceptions of it.

“The solution is very simple: start telling the truth,” Navarro chimed in.

“You are no longer the host of The Apprentice, you’re not a used car salesman, you are the President of the United States and the American people deserve to have to believe you at some point,” the Republican strategist said, before noting that at some point Trump will face a serious disaster.

“And today Donald Trump has no credibility because he’s been president for 200 days and he has lied practically every single one of those days!” she said.

Schlapp replied that he disagrees the president is not truthful, and pointed to polarization as a reason for such accusations being thrown around. The former Bush staffer claimed that Trump is “authentic” and “tells you what he thinks.”

The Washington Post provides a useful tracker of Trump’s false and misleading claims while in office — last updated on July 19, it counts 836 false or misleading claims for 181 days in office. That’s approximately 4.6 false or misleading claims a day.

Schlapp then said its unfair to call him a liar because of he considers himself a skeptic about climate science.

“But you’re also not a scientist,” Cuomo interjected, before referencing the report by scientists from 13 federal agencies that was given to The New York Times on Tuesday, over fears the White House would attempt to suppress its findings.

“It’s a credibility issue, and that’s why three out of four people say they don’t trust the White House,” Cuomo said.

In response, Schlapp brought up abortion, to which Cuomo replied “how is abortion and climate science the same thing Matt?”

“It’s about science, and guess what you’re wrong about the science,” Schlapp told Cuomo.

“It’s not about science, it’s about ethics, religion and morality,” Cuomo said.

Schlapp disagreed, and the two went back and forth in a contentious exchange.

But the two found common ground on one issue: that just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t mean you should call them a liar, though Cuomo said that’s not always the case with Trump.

Enter Navarro: “This is not about policy disagreements,” Navarro said, before noting a number of issues Trump has lied about, including millions of illegal votes and his inauguration crowd sizes.

“It’s about no coverage of North Korea when it was being covered as he tweeted it, it’s about the birther thing,” Cuomo added. “There’s a pattern here Matt, and you know it. It’s not that people disagree with his heartfelt beliefs about abortion.”

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