Zimmerman Lawyer Asks Star Witness Rachel Jeantel: ‘Could You Tell Me How Wet Grass Sounds?’

The George Zimmerman trial will likely be full of all kinds of ups and downs and unpredictable twists; but one thing is for sure: we can expect a lot of seemingly bizarre moments. We’ve already seen a few in the trial’s fledgling days — from Zimmerman’s lawyer making a knock-knock joke; to Trayvon Martin‘s friend claiming “cracker” isn’t a racial comment — and now we can add another one to the growing list.

Defense lawyer Don West brought up the fact that Rachel Jeantel, star prosecution witness and friend of the victim, had told the court yesterday that she believes she heard “wet grass” during the confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin.

“Could you tell me how wet grass sounds?” he asked.

Jeantel sat silently for a few seconds, pausing to comprehend exactly what the lawyer was asking. “Somebody rolling on top of the grass?” she eventually replied.

West used this line of questioning seemingly to poke holes in Jeantel’s claim that she could hear Martin “rolling in the wet grass,” as if he were the one being tackled by Zimmerman during an altercation. “It could have been fabric, it could have been the wind,” West told Jeantel, explaining that the sound she heard may not have been “wet grass.”

Watch the exchange below, via CNN:

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