Zimmerman’s Mother Identifies Screaming Voice On 911 Call As Her Son’s: ‘That Is George’s Voice’

Hours after Trayvon Martin‘s mother told the jury it was her son’s voice screaming for help on the 911 call recorded the night he was killed, George Zimmerman‘s mother identified the very same voice as belonging to her own son. The testimony now pits Martin’s family’s word against that of Zimmerman’s, with the jury forced to decide who to believe.

After playing the call once more for the courtroom, the defense attorney Mark O’Mara began its case by asking his first witness, Gladys Zimmerman, if she recognized the voice screaming in the background of the call. Zimmerman said she knew the voice came from “my son, George” because “he’s my son.”

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda asked Zimmerman if she’d ever heard her son yelling for help in the way the voice does on tape and she admitted that she hadn’t. When O’Mara asked the question in a slightly different way, asking if she’d ever heard him “screaming for his life,” she answered, “what I’m sure is that that is George’s voice. The scream is–I haven’t heard him like that before, but the anguish of the scream that he is–the way that he is screaming, it describes to me anguish and fear. I would say terror.”

Watch video below, via CNN:

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