ZING! Fox’s Harris Faulkner Chides Guest for Complimenting Joe Biden: ‘Didn’t Know You Were Such a Fan!’

Fox News host Harris Faulkner appeared to take issue with guest Judith Miller Tuesday afternoon after the former NY Times reporter went to bat for former Vice President Joe Biden.

At issue is the apparent media narrative of the day — particularly on Fox News programming — which is the supposed “enthusiasm gap” that the current Democratic presidential favorite faces, despite his lapping the field in current Democratic presidential primary polls.

Faulkner asked Miller about Trump’s attacks on Biden. Miller replied that it’s not just Biden who has a history of making gaffes, President Donald Trump has the same tendency.

“I think this is a gaffe competition,” she offered, suggesting “the person who makes the least gaffes or faux pas” will emerge victorious She then lauded Biden’s grace to wait until the president was back on American soil to attack him, and I wish the president had had the same grace. To make America moral again.”

Faulkner replied: “You sound just like Joe Biden! I didn’t realize you were such a fan!”


Watch above via Fox News.


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