Anderson Cooper Shocked By New Kushner Tape Suggesting Trump Was Politically ‘Better This Way’ in May Amid 77,000 Covid Deaths

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the reelection message on the economy would be “better” for President Donald Trump as a result of the coronavirus, senior adviser Jared Kushner said in an interview.

Kushner made the on-the-record comment in a May 18 interview with Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, who spoke with Kushner several times for his book on the Trump White House, Rage.

Woodward released the audio on CNN on Wednesday. In it, Kushner explained that McEnany had theorized a weak economy might help people to better appreciate the strength of the economy prior to the coronavirus pandemic:

Look, I really do believe that he’s passed the competency test on the execution. I think that — you know, Kayleigh actually said a great thing to him at the Oval Office. She said, ‘Look, politically, do you think we were better off the other way, where things were humming, or this way?’ And she said, ‘You know, in some ways, it’s better this way, because before, people took for granted how great you were with the economy.’

CNN host Anderson Cooper expressed his shock and dismay as he summarized the exchange. “I mean, wow!” Coopers said in reaction. “So at that point, more than 77,000 Americans had died, and Kushner tells you they had a conversation in the Oval Office, and [McEnany] said it’s better this way, because people don’t take you for granted on the economy anymore.”

Watch above via CNN.

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