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Biden Open to Trump Impeachment: If Congress is Blocked From Investigating, They’ll Have ‘No Alternative’

The prospect of impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump has become increasingly acceptable to mainstream Democrats. And now, leading 2020 candidate Joe Biden is saying that there are circumstances under which he too would be on board.

Appearing on Good Morning America, the former Vice President said there are “seven or eight things” in part two of special counsel Robert Mueller‘s report — the part dealing with obstruction of justice — which were “left undone.”

“[Mueller] was not within his purview to investigate, he thought,” Biden said. “The Congress is attempting to take that up.”

And if the Trump administration prevents Congress from investigating further?

“[W]hat the Congress should do, and they are doing, is investigate that,” Biden said. “And if in fact they block the investigation, they have no alternative to go to the only other constitutional resort they have… impeachment.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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