CNN Only Major Cable News Network To Provide Live Coverage Of Conference By Lawyer For Cain’s Accuser

Herman Cain! He’s been everywhere lately. On TV! On my computer screen! As the protagonist of this dream I had where he was a pirate and also somehow a bride and saved me from an earthquake what can it all mean! Basically: The more things change, they more they HERMAN CAIN.

So one would think that cable news networks would be falling over one another to cover every little bit of Cain-related news. And yet only CNN saw it fit to air live coverage of the press conference organized by Joel P. Bennett, the lawyer for one of Cain’s accusers. Sure, it’s no Kim Kardashian wedding special, but, still.

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Did Fox News and MSNBC drop the ball on this one? Or would CNN’s focus have been put to better use on another story?

Here’s a look at what the aforementioned three networks were airing as the conference was underway:

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