David Gregory: Embarrassing ‘Caricature of Incompetence’ on Obamacare

There is practically no safe haven for the White House these days, thanks to the disastrous rollout of Obamacare that has led many on MSNBC to aim some friendly fire at the Obama administration. On Morning Joe Friday, David Gregory brought up the “caricature of incompetence” in the White House over Obamacare and dared to ask if it shows that the health care law is simply too big for the White House to actually handle.

He asked, “Is Obamacare doomed if they can’t fix this fast?” Gregory argued that there is a “caricature of incompetence that could be associated with Obamacare for a long time because of such a bad start,” and Republicans may have undersold, in part, how bad Obamacare was going to be.

Gregory also said down the road, the White House may face this far more provocative question about the Affordable Care Act: “Is it too big, too complicated for the federal government to administer?”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

[h/t HotAir]

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