‘Fired By a Tweet’: Dem Pundit Jessica Tarlov Battles Outnumbered Colleagues Over Tillerson Ouster


The hosts of Fox News’ Outnumbered sparred with Democratic guest and contributor Jessica Tarlov on Tuesday over President Donald Trump’s firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, just moments after news broke of the latest White House departure.

The Fox News hosts and their Republican guest were quick to defend Trump after the latest high-profile departure from the White House. “As we would expect from the media and the Democrats, there position is going to be that President Trump did something wrong,” GOP strategist David Avella said, “when in reality, he should have exactly who he wants.”

Tarlov described the dismissal — which Trump announced on Twitter in real time — as an “embarrassing” display of the president’s frequent use of social media in conducting foreign policy. She also expressed concerns over CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Trump’s pick to replace Tillerson, whose hawkish history on Iran and Israel could make his Senate confirmation a tough battle.

“The secretary of state got fired by a tweet,” Tarlov said Tuesday, explaining why Democrats were immediately critical of the news. “That’s ample fodder to continue making the argument that this is the president that does things in a completely in-constructive way.”

“Jessica mentions that firing him wasn’t constructive, but you know what isn’t constructive, is having someone represent you on the world stage that doesn’t truly reflect your voice,” Outnumbered co-host Lisa Boothe added.

Trump thanked Tillerson for his service in a tweet on Tuesday, adding Pompeo will do a “fantastic job” as his replacement.

“If you have such respect for Rex Tillerson, you have a sit down conversation with him before and give him the opportunity to have a press conference with you, to talk about his time and his service to the country,” Tarlov added.

Watch the discussion via Fox News above.

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