Florida Republican Says Terrorists ‘Hate Homosexuals More Than We Do’ as Woman’s Jaw Drops


Florida Republican state Rep. Jeff Holcomb made a stunning statement on the House floor Monday, saying terrorists “hate homosexuals more than we do.”

The intelligence officer with the U.S. Navy Reserves spoke in favor of Senate Bill 1382, a resolution opposing LGBTQ service members, according to Equality Florida.

“I just can’t let our military be labeled as racist and discrimination without any, without a response,” Holcomb began.

ISIS, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda. Those are the folks that discriminate. We bombed a building in 2017 like we never usually do. We bombed it because they threw homosexuals off that building. Our terrorist enemies hate homosexuals more than we do.

They’re the ones that discriminate. Our job in the military, our Navy creed, “I am committed to excellence and fair treatment of all,” that’s what we learned in boot camp, that’s what we drill into ourselves each and every day while we’re in boot camp. Please vote up on this bill.

A woman sitting directly behind Holcomb could hardly suppress her surprise at his anti-LGBTQ statement as her jaw dropped.

If he misspoke, Holcomb made no effort to correct himself and has not commented publicly about the statement.

According to his website, Holcomb is a “lifelong Republican” with “strong conservative values.” In 2016 “he deployed overseas to fight ISIS. He was part of the Combat Operations Team planning daily air missions in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.” Holcomb was the recipient of a Navy Commendation Medal and a Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal, according to his site.

The video was viewed nearly half a million times as Holcomb’s statement drew ire from LGBTQ activists on Twitter. Many called it an “admission” that the GOP “hates LGBTQ people.”

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