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GOP Congressman: ‘Sexist’ and ‘Racist’ to Add Harriet Tubman to $20 Bill

harriet-tubmanRepublican gadfly and Iowa Congressman Steve King tried to block the addition of Harriet Tubman to the $20 bill Tuesday, arguing that the move is “sexist” and “racist.”

King attempted to add an amendment to a Treasury bill that would have prevented the upcoming redesign of the bill, which currently features Andrew Jackson. The amendment, he said, had nothing to do with Tubman or her achievements and everything to do with the division of Americans.

“This is liberal activism on the part of the president that’s trying to identify people by categories, and he’s divided us on the lines of groups,” King explained. “This is a divisive proposal on the part of the president, and mine’s unifying.”

“President Obama’s on his way out the door,” he continued. “He’s going to do everything he can think of to upset this society and this civilization.”

King’s measure failed to pass after the Rules Committee, controlled by his fellow Republicans, blocked it from even coming to a vote.

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