Hillary Clinton Releases Ad Featuring Quotes From Donald Trump on Women

Today, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton gave a speech at an event for Planned Parenthood that outlined exactly how she feels about women and the disenfranchised. Notably, it highlighted all the ways her policies differ from Donald Trump‘s.

Just to be sure everyone got the message, she followed that up with a string of tweets reiterating her points. Following yesterday’s truly spectacular display of Twitter dominance, that was a little yawn-worthy, but the ad she just tweeted out is not:

The ad was simple. It featured shots of women while some of Trump’s infamous statements played in the background. From his assertion that women who get abortions should be punished to his comments about the flat-chested, this ad featured it all.

This tactic worked well for Clinton last week, too. After Trump accused her of hammering him for made-up quotes, she responded by linking to evidence of him saying each one of the things he swore she made up.

[image via screengrab]

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