How to Hide the Stretch Marks in a Bathing Suit

Apply sunless tanning cream carefully in order to avoid streaking to cover scars.Test the product on the skin first to pay attention to the correct color.

Rub cocoa butter onto skin to fade stretch marks.This must be done for one or more month before you find results.Using the cocoa butter daily could make the stretch marks bit by bit fade.

Shop to get a bathing suit that will give you the stretch marks.Consider investing in a swimsuit with shorts to hide any marks on your upper thighs.With so many methods of suits, finding the right cover-up is a matter of attentive shopping.

Consult any dermatologist.For severe stretchmarks, there are dermabrasion and laser light treatments which may work
How To Remove Stretch Marks .Your medical professional will advise you if these are typically options.


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