Israeli Minister: Palestinian Teen Girls Joining Terror Groups to Meet Sexy Terrorists

Israeli security minister Gilad Erdan cautioned Wednesday that their interrogators were finding that young Palestinian girls were being convinced to carry out terror attacks so they could meet attractive terrorists in the afterlife.

“They used to promise terrorists that they would attain 72 female virgins,” Erdan said, according to The Jerusalem Post. “What happened was that there were a number of terrorists who were so good-looking, that the female terrorists told interrogators that they wanted to die so that they could meet them.”

One of the terrorists Erdan cited was Fadi Alon, who stabbed a Israeli boy before being killed by police in October, and was indeed rather attractive.


“With smartphones, the Palestinians and their supporters can reach the hearts and minds of every young male and female 24 hours a day, seven days a week and to tell them lies about how Israel wants to destroy the mosques on Temple Mount,” said Erdan.

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