John Oliver Skewers House Dem: ‘This Adult Man’ Thought His KFC Stunt Would Be ‘F*cking Awesome…’


Some critics have taken aim at HBO’s John Oliver for what they deem to be his outsized influence in the political sphere. But whether or not one thinks Oliver is qualified to have such clout in politics, most would agree that he’s got the chops to judge comedy. And on Sunday night, the comic panned one recent high-profile gag as a complete turkey.

In a cutting Last Week Tonight show-opener, the HBO host skewered Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) for bringing a bucket of KFC to a House hearing at which Attorney General failed to show. After playing a clip of Cohen saying his intent with the bucket was to deliver the message that Barr is a chicken, Oliver let loose.

“Yeah, we get it,” he said. “You’ve made that painfully obvious.

The worst part, in Oliver’s view? The fact that the gag, according to the Daily Beast, was pre-planned the night before.

“And it actually gets even more pathetic because the hearing was at 9:30 a.m., and the nearest KFC apparently didn’t open until 10:30,” Oliver said. “And Cohen later admitted he’d bought the chicken the night before, and kept it in his fridge — which is just tragic for so many reasons. One, he’s biting into leftover KFC — or, as it’s more commonly known, ‘trash.’

“And two, that means this adult man probably laid in bed all night thinking about how fucking awesome his chicken joke was going to be. And he was completely wrong about that.”

Watch above, via HBO.

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