Julie Swetnick’s Ex-Boyfriend: She Told Me I’d ‘Never See’ My ‘Unborn Child Alive’


On Monday night, Laura Ingraham had an exclusive interview with the ex-boyfriend of Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick, who last week warned reporters that she is “not credible.”

Richard Vinneccy confirmed to Politico that he had filed a restraining order against Swetnick following their breakup, alleging she threatened him and his family.

When asked why he decided to come forward and speak out against Swetnick, he told Ingraham that he did so to “tell the truth” and that it was his “civic duty” to do so.

“Right after I broke up with her, she basically called me many times. And at one point, she basically said, ‘You will never, ever see your unborn child alive. And I’m just going to go over there, I’m going to kill you guys.'”

“She said she was going to kill you?” Ingraham asked.

“Yes,” Vinneccy responded.

He told the Fox News host that “never” did Swetnick bring up her alleged sexual assault during their seven-year relationship, saying that she always wanted to be the “center of attention” and that her allegation about Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh “surprised” him.

And when asked why he never took Swetnick to court over the restraining order, Vinneccy explained that he didn’t want to “provoke” her, insisting he knew the “type of person” she was and that he was “afraid” and decided to change their phone number and move, which seemed to have been enough since he never heard from her again.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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