‘Of Cooourse!’: Liberal Host Cenk Uygur Answers ‘Should There Be a Recount?’

“Recount” is officially the Word of the Weekend, people! Get used to it! Jill Stein called for vote recounts in a few Rust Belt states, raised a bunch of money, and made every single person still hoping there is some secret loophole Hillary Clinton can jump through and emerge from as President-elect collectively gasp.

What does The Young Turks‘ Cenk Uygur think of it all?

“Of coooourse” there should be a recount, he said!

“Am I convinced that the system was rigged and the election was stolen? No,” he said. Still, “How would we know if it was rigged or not rigged without any evidence?”

He insisted there is “no harm” in a recount that will likely prove Donald Trump won anyway.


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