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rally.Consider tea tree oil as an option for homemade acne treatment. Tea tree oil is better than benzoyl peroxide for treating pimples with a yellow center, generally caused by infection with staph bacteria rather than the bacteria that generally cause acne. Use tea tree oil creams to freshly cleansed, dry skin. When acne hurts, try calendula soaps. Calendula is anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and anti-bacterial against the kinds of bacteria that usually infect pores. Acne home remedy is what many people are using these days to get rid of their acne.Another How to Remove Stretch Marks at home acne treatment is by using milk for homemade facial. I want to tell you that Queen How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Cleopatra of Egypt was renowned for her beauty, which she maintained by taking daily baths with milk. And this milk we are talking about is the best natural source of lactic acid, which is a mild face peel. Furthermore, lactic acid lifts and separates tiny flakes of dead skin from

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