Republican Lawmaker to Bring Latino to SOTU in Effort to Show Latino Community Doesn’t Hate Trump

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) announced on Fox News Monday morning that he plans to bring a Latino person to Tuesday’s State of the Union (SOTU) address to prove that the Latino community in the United States does not hate President Donald Trump.

Collins made the announcement while appearing on Fox & Friends alongside Art Gallegofounder of the Florida-based Latinos Conservative Organization.

Gallego called the notion that American Hispanics dislike the President’s border wall platform a “complete sham.”

“If people really deal with and converse with Latino community leaders, business owners, you know, pastors, which I deal with a lot these days, you will find out they have conservative views. They are for the wall. They’re for protection of family,” Gallegos told Fox’s Pete Hegseth.

Gallegos added the “mainstream media” is responsible for pushing the false idea that Latino Trump supporters don’t exist.

Collins said he hopes the President will discuss stronger border security as a top priority at tomorrow’s SOTU address.

“I want to see him continue to stand resolute,” said Collins. “I’ve been with him. He’s been resolute on this. He has made the point with the American people the border wall is needed. He’s made the point that he is the one protecting us.”

Collins also urged Democrats who will hear Trump’s speech to reevaluate their own views on illegal immigration and border security.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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