Senator: GOP Should Use Nuclear Option to Confirm Gorsuch, ‘America Should be Rejoicing’

Oklahoma Republican Senator, Jim Inhofe — never one to mince words — bluntly told CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Wednesday, that Judge Neil Gorsuch would be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court and that if Democrats stood in the way, Senate Republicans should exercise the so-called ‘nuclear option’ to abolish the filibuster.

“If they filibuster — the Democrats — should McConnell exercise the nuclear option,” asked Cuomo.

“Uh, yes,” said Inhofe, almost surprised by the question.

“Are you concerned about the precedent that sets?” said Cuomo.

“Well no, I’m really not,” Inhofe responded. “I was with Gorsuch yesterday, I’ve never been around a guy who was more qualified … He’s going to be confirmed.”

Cuomo peppered the senator with questions, honing in on Democrat’s hurt feelings over Judge Merrick Garland as a source of the resistance.

“It was in a time frame when it would have actually set a precedent,” said Inhofe repeating an old Republican talking point about why the Obama appointee was never given a vote. “As I said, [Gorsuch] is going to be confirmed and America should be rejoicing.”

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