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What Deal? State Department Issues New Warning About Travel to Iran

ir-mapDespite the recent pact with Iran regarding the country’s nuclear program and recent release of Americans who had been detained in the country, the State Department advised Americans to that travel to Iran was still highly dangerous and should be carefully considered, according to a statement issued Friday.

The statement advised that “various elements in Iran remain hostile to the United States” and that “Iran has continued to harass, arrest, and detain U.S. citizens.”

The State Department advised particular caution for Iranian-Americans with dual citizenship, since the Iranian government does not recognize dual citizenship. “Iranian authorities make the determination of a dual national’s Iranian citizenship without regard to the dual national’s personal wishes,” the warning notes.

Iranian authorities have detained and harassed U.S. citizens, particularly those of Iranian origin. Former Muslims who have converted to other religions, religious activists, and persons who encourage Muslims to convert are subject to arrest and prosecution.

The U.S. Government’s ability to help American travelers in Iran was “extremely limited,” the warning noted, since the U.S. does not have diplomatic or consular relations with the country.

[image via State Department]

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