Stephen Colbert Mocks Alex Jones’ Custody Battle with ‘Tuck Buckford’

On Monday night’s edition of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert brought up how InfoWars host Alex Jones’ lawyer is claiming in a child custody case that Jones is a performance artist and his public persona is a character.

“Of course, not everyone realizes he’s playing a character, like the most famous Alex Jones supporter: Donald Trump,” said Colbert before showing a clip of the president on Jones’ show. After the clip, he pivoted a bit.

“But I, for one, I feel for Alex Jones. Everybody knows that for many years I played a satirical right wing character, OK?,” Colbert said, seemingly referring to his persona from The Colbert Report.

But then, a surprise.

“This happened to me all time, when I played my right wing character, talk radio host Tuck Buckford.” At that point, he threw to a clip where he sat at an Infowars-style set as he did a Jones-esque voice.

“Listen, people! The liberals wanna tattoo Obama logos onto the skin of Christian babies, OK? AND IT MAKES ME WANNA FIGHT!”

It pretty much went from there.

Check out the clip above.

[Photo: Screen grab]

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