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here are several newer optical instruments that may make similar measurements. A common corneal thickness is commonly while in the neighborhood of 550 microns but there is a rather wide variation with many being thicker many thinner. You might find, an unusually thin cornea can be an illustration of weakness or something like that called keratoconus. That they should be screened out earlier than having Lasik his or How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast her corneas have How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Natural already been inherently weak. This diagnosis created from using measures of corneal thickness, corneal shape or topography, and various other clinical signs which often can turn out to be seen by just a trained ophthalmologist around the microscope. Anybody dependent upon their eye surgeon to have keratoconus must be excluded from having Lasik surgery determined by these facts alone.When performing Lasik, the surgeon could only remove tissue for a certain depth. Most surgeons will want to leave a base with a minimum of 250 to 300 microns of untouched cornea for safety. Lasik requires a fair bit of tissue be familiar with develop a surface flap which is certainly lifted dealt with prior to an excimer laser removes tissue and reshapes the cornea optically. The thickness of the Lasik flap is very important simply because the thinner the flap, slightly more Lasik treatment could be before reaching the minimum untouched base importance of 250 to 300 microns. Again, the feeling is actually the depth of treatment goes significantly beyond that period, that the structural integrity in the cornea could very well be compromised.With older technology, a bladed instrument termed as a microkeratome is neede

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