The Mooch and His Wife Rip Meghan McCain for View Criticism: How Does ‘John McCain’s Daughter’ Think She Got Her Job?


Meghan McCain wasn’t happy with the news that Anthony Scaramucci’s wife Deirdre Scaramucci may be joining the Real Housewives of New York cast, “People using the White House to get on reality TV, I just don’t support it.” Deirdre thinks McCain is the pot calling the kettle black.

“Anthony would love for me to do the show,” said Deirdre in a clip of a radio interview played on The View Wednesday. “I just hope that my Trump affiliation, because I know a lot of people in Hollywood dislike the orange man, so I just hope the Cheeto stains on my hands are not on your hands,” said her husband.

McCain, speaking as a “Housewives fanatic,” said “We don’t need her,” and additionally that we shouldn’t be rewarding bad behavior. “Anthony Scaramucci joined the Administration, our government, during a time to only be on TV,” McCain said.

“People using the White House to get on reality television, I don’t support it. I just would like to keep the separation of reality and government.”

“I guess Meghan McCain thinks she got the job on The View by not being John McCain’s daughter?” Deirdre responded on Twitter.

Anthony added that he had been nothing but respectful to the McCain family:

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